Eat Clean: Quinoa Queen

I’ve had quinoa in salads in numerous restaurants and cafes but I’ve always shied away from cooking it myself – lumping it in with lentils and chickpeas and assuming its too much work. I’m glad I read the instructions!

20 minutes! 20 minutes is all it takes to cook this tasty, versatile grain. I cooked 1/4 cup yesterday morning (which is loads!) and took half for my lunch salad. The other half, I added to some kale and cabbage and made a yummy dinner salad/stir-fry!

Quinoa and Kale Salad

Quinoa and Kale Salad


For this recipe. I used some cooked quinoa, kale, cabbage, shallots, carrots, ginger, lemon and garlic.

1. I heated a pan on medium heat with a little bit of oil, and put the chopped ginger and smashed garlic into the hot pan. It would probably be better if you finely diced both garlic and ginger so you wouldn’t have to pick them out after, but you’re choice.

2. I added the sliced shallots and stirred until browned. I then added the finely chopped carrots and kept stirring for about 3 mins. I wanted the carrots to have some bite to them – again, up to you!

3. I sliced the kale and cabbage into thin strips and added them to the pan. Once the kale had crisped up, I added the cooked quinoa. At this point, you need to continuously stir the pan so that the quinoa doesn’t stick and go mushy.

4. Once everything was hot enough (about 2 mins), I squeezed half a lemon over the dish and that was it! Such a quick, tasty, go-to recipe and it can be added to any meal. It’s super filling too…enjoy!!

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