Grow Your Own!

I’ve always had visions of having a wondrous herb and vegetable patch in my garden, growing my own veggies and living a kind of sustainable existence – deer prancing and birds landing on my shoulder like Snow White usually also feature. The reality is that plants hate me – orchids have died on the way home in the car rather than suffer in my house. When my boyfriend is away, my main priority is to make sure that the plants are still green when he returns, and I usually fail at this. So, when I moved and actually had my own garden I was determined to have my herb and vegetable patch!

Two years ago we tried to grow tomatoes. It was a mushy disaster. I’ve tried many times to grow basil for the bunnies with no results. So when I suggested getting carrots to put in the veggie patch my boyfriend looked at me like I’d suggest planting umbrellas. However, he let me have my little dream and we planted them along with thyme, rosemary, sage, coriander and chives. The soil isn’t even that deep so I definitely wasn’t expecting much, but throughout the summer the little green stalks were standing tall and my hopes were rising with them. This weekend we decided to pull one up and see the results…


Isn’t it a beauty?? Ok so it’s really a bit of tricky photography…here’s the real deal…


So I guess I haven’t grown green fingers – the rabbits wouldn’t even eat it! But at least its orange right?! I’m delighted to say the herbs are thriving and I use them all the time in cooking – they’re the kind of thing that you never plan to need so it’s great to have a constant supply that you can just snip off fresh then you require them.

Does anyone have any gardening tips for me?? I think at this stage I should leave the gardening to someone else and just enjoy the fruits of their labour (pun intended!)

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