I was recently asked to make a cake for my cousin's work colleague - apparently he loves Coca-Cola and drinks tons of the stuff so she wanted me to make a cake in a Coke can shape. I had yet to make a cake in the new house so I was delighted!


Ode to a Danish

I'm quickly becoming quite obsessed with danish(es?!) - the pastry that is - although I'm sure the people are lovely too. There is this great food place beside my work (well the only food place beside my work!) that does coffee and pastry for €5, which while you wouldnt do it everyday due to your wallet and waistline hating you, isn't too bad a deal!

But I have a confession...I pretend to go for the coffee...but it's really all about the danish.

Nom nom nom!

Mish-Mash Cookies

A few of the girls came over during the week and I was having a major sugar craving so I decided to make cookies - always a good go-to bake. However, it was the first time I had attempted baking in my new house and with all the moving and diy, I had no idea where half my ingredients were, and my scales had no battery - so it should have been a complete disaster! Luckily, instead I think I discovered something yummy!