Grow Your Own!

I've always had visions of having a wondrous herb and vegetable patch in my garden, growing my own veggies and living a kind of sustainable existence - deer prancing and birds landing on my shoulder like Snow White usually also feature. The reality is that plants hate me.


Kitchen Dreaming

My kitchen is incredibly small and so terribly designed by the previous owners, that only 1 person can cook at a time. We love to cook new things and experiment so this is a bit of problem! At 6.65m2, this would barely qualify as a closet in most houses but it's all we have to work with and I love a challenge.

New Kitchen Design

Ta-Da!! The Amazing Garden Renovation

I can finally reveal my new garden!

As you might remember from an earlier post, the garden in our new house was a little 'wild'. Well after receiving delivery of 2 tons of topsoil, 2 tons of stones and 17 bamboo plants it finally resembles something a little more refined. I think we did a good job??


Project Stairway

When we first bought the house, the staircase was covered in the ugliest carpet you’ve ever seen, so I instantly ripped it up to fortunately discover the original floorboards were still intact bar the first 3 steps. Unfortunately, by intact...